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Zari Hassan goes on bitter rant, Otile on why he never talks about his parents and other top stories


Otile Brown , Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz

This week on our hot and entertaining segment #UhondoMtaani we focus the spotlight on top stories making headlines in the Entertainment industry this week.

I’m not back with Diamond - Zari says as she lectures Tanzanians

South Africa based Ugandan Businesswoman Zari Hassan has refuted claims that she is back with her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz months after ironing out their differences.


In a bitter insta-live rant, Mama Tee mentioned that just because she is in good terms with the father of her kids doesn’t mean that they are back together, making it it clear that they are just co-parenting to ensure their kids are accorded the required parental love.

"And to set the record very straight am not back with Diamond, Diamond is not back with me, we are co-parenting. There are two kids involved, we both realized out mistakes and out priority right now is our kids. He gonna fetch tham , he gonna sent someone to take them or I’m gonna sent them with my bother to come to Tanzania, it’s how it’s supposed to be its called a parental plan, sio lazima kurudiana,” Zari said.

Ms Hassan also slammed those saying she is so desperate to get back to Diamond, based on the frequency her kids communicate with their father.

“Ooh she is so desperate to get back with him. No. wacha niwafundishe kitu kimoja, especially you Tanzanians. Nataka muingie kwenye Google Translations, Inaitwa co-parenting. Its co-parenting for the sake of the kids that you two have together. It has nothing to do with, ooh she is so desperate she wants to get back to him, ooh she is fighting so hard to get back to him. Just because he is taking care of his kids, it doesn’t make him desperate, and make him look like he is trying to get back with me.


Why are you so bitter that a person has decided to step up their game and take care of their kids and it makes some of you bitter. Kwanini munaumia, this thing is coming from Tanzania. How is one desperate when they decided to take care of their child" added Zari Hssan.

" she added "Diamond doesn’t have to prove a point to me that he wants to get back with me, I do not have to prove a point to him that I need to get back to him. Whatever we are doing right now is for the best interests of our children. My kids are very happy, Papa calls all the time. Especially Tiffah gets very excited, that’s my papa calling, he speaks to them, plays Piano for them, he is doing everything, he bought a Kitchen her, a pappy for his son. The problem is mbona nyinyi mnaumia,".

Otile Brown on why he doesn’t talk about his parents

Singer Jacob Obunga aka Otile Brown has for the first time explained why he never talks about his parents publicly.


Speaking during a recent interview, the Ayana singer said his parents passed when he was still young and he never got the chance to meet his father because he had separated with the mother.

After they both passed, he grew up living with his grandmother and step mother in Kisumu.

“You’ve never talked about your parents anywhere why? You talk about your grandma most of the time?” asked Jalang’o.

Otile Brown responded; “They passed away. My dada hatukuwai hata kukutana coz they broke up with my mum. I’m the last born by the way. So when they broke up with my mum, yeye alienda akabase Kisumu me and my mum remained in Mombasa. He went and passed on lakini sikupata nafasi hata ya kumzika. My mum passed away in 2006 so I just grew up with my uncles and my granny and my step mum.”

The singer further revealed that he has an elder sister and brothers.


Covid-19 cost us more than 35 shows in America and Europe – Sauti Sol

Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol have disclosed that the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus has cost them more than 35 shows in America and Europe.

Speaking when they appeared on #BongaNaJalas Sauti Sol guitarist Fancy Fingers said that they had shows organized all through the year from Africa, to Europe and America.

“If you are talking about losses due to the covid-19, unaeza estimate useme ni kama doo ngapi hivi?” asked Jalang’o.


“We are signed to Universal so we had a whole tour from begin of the year till the end all over Africa, Europe Kila mahali,” responded Polycarp Otieno aka Fancy Fingers.

Bien who is the lead singer went on to state that they were already booked and confirmed for 15 shows and festivals in America and 20 in Europe.

“Mimi naeza hesabiana mashow tu. America tulikuwa na kama 15 shows, Europe tulikuwa na 20 shows. Ni shows and festivals na zilikuwa confirmed kina afronation hata poster zishatoka. Hapa Kenya tulikuwa na tour tulikuwa tunafanya of course tukitoa album lazima tupige tour kama vile tulifanya live and die in Africa so lazima tungepiga kama 7 shows hivi hapa Kenya,” said Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime.

Diamond Platnumz makes history as he clocks 1 Billion views on YouTube


Tanzanian singer Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Diamond Platnumz has made history by becoming the first artiste in Sub-Saharan Africa to garner over 1 Billion views on his YouTube Channel since it was started back in 2011.

On Wednesday, Chibu Dangote held a small party at his Home to celebrate the new milestone in his music career, as all the videos ever uploaded on his YouTube channel amount to over 1 Billion views (1,000,391,358 views by the time of publishing this article).

Platnumz who enjoys over 3.6 million subscribers has so far uploaded a total of 655 videos on his Channel. Apart from his music videos, the WCB President also has a tendency of posting behind the scene clips of his videos, his shows, both local and International.

On June 1, 2020, Platnumz also got a rare recognition from Billboard on how to go global on YouTube.

Billboard- one of the biggest entertainment media brands in America featured Platnumz in one of their publications, telling Western artistes to emulate the Tanzanian singer if they want to go global on YouTube.


Jomo Gecega confirms relationship with TV Girl Lola Hannigan

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Nephew cum personal secretary Jomo Gecaga has finally confirmed to be an item with Ex-KTN presenter Lola Hannigan.

On Tuesday (Night), the two joined KICC CEO Nana Gecaga’s Insta- Live while at their home, hence making their affair public for the first time.

During the IG Live, Lola could not get her hands off Gecaga while jamming to the late Notorious B.I.G songs.


This is the first time the couple is making their relationship public, despite being spotted together on several occasions, it was not yet clear if they were an item.

The two welcomed a bouncing baby girl on April 3, 2019. The news about Lola giving birth was shared on Instagram by her mum, Irene Hannigan.

“Twinkle, twinkle, I’m officially a grandma for the 2nd time. @lolahannigan. A mum is like wearing the most precious jewel around your neck and arms. You’ll be her first role model. Her best friend. Your forever love,” reads the post.

Sauti Sol’s Bien on why will never share his wedding photos on social media


Sauti Sol lead Vocalist Bien Aime Baraza has disclosed that he will never share his wedding photos on social media, months have he tied the knot with his fiancée Chiki Kuruka.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni, the singer explained that most of his followers and fans will not be able to connect or understand how important his wedding day was to him and his partner and that's why he opted not to share photos.

“Hizo picha sijaziweka wazi kwa sababu, Harusi yangu first of all haikuwa harusi ya Kawaida. Nilienda kwa AG, na after kwenda kwa AG nilifanya tu lunch ndogo nikainvite tu marafiki zangu wa karibu tukala lunch. Hiyo vibe ambayo ilikuwa hapo ile siku, ilikuwa the happiest day of my life, sijapata kufeel hiyo kitu siku nyingine, pahali pengine popote. Na nikipiga picha niwekee mtandaoni, mtu ambaye anaangalia hiyo picha haelewi circumstances, haelewi contexts ya kwa nini watu wamevaa vile wamevaa. Haelewi mbona hii harusi haina Bibi harusi mwenye amevaa nguo sijui inakaa aje. Haelewi mbona Bien hajavaa suti" said Bien Aime Baraza.

Bien tied the knot with his fiancée at the Attorney General’s office and later held a very private ceremony with only his close friends and family in attendance. No phones were allowed into the venue

Rayvanny speaks on plans to exit WCB Wasafi (Video)


Tetema hit-maker Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa aka Rayvanny has quashed reports that he is planning to part ways with Diamond Platnumz's owned Label WCB Wassafi.

Vanny Boy made the clarification during an interactive session with his fans while appearing on Wasafi TV.

A curious fan asked “Kwa mfano sasa hivi inatokea unaambiwa sasa hivi kuwa unahama label ya wasafi, Label gani nyingine ambayo unahisi unaweza ukaenda?

The WCB signee stated that he is not ditching WCB Wasafi any time soon and but he can only start his own record label if need be, because he has the capability to do so.


“Before sijaongeoa chochote, Vanny Boy, Wasafi for Life Beiby. Kwanza nisema naishukuru sana Management yangu, WCB Wasafi, Namshukuru sana Diamond Platnumz kwa sehemu niliyofika. Nikiamua kuwa na label, naweza hata kuwa na label hata tano. So there is no way kwamba nitoke Wasafi alafu niende kuwa chini ya Label nyingine, Labda niwe na label kumi zingine za kwangu mimi” said Rayvanny.


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