Researchers have discovered the three most dangerous sex positions for men.

According to the study, doggy style, missionary and cowgirl were the top most causes of penile fractures.

The report, published in the International Journal of Impotence, studied 90 patients between the ages of 18-66 with penile fractures.

The researchers divided the patients putting them into six categories depending on their penile fractures including: Masturbation or penile manipulation, ‘man on top’ otherwise known as missionary, doggy style, ‘woman on top’ otherwise known as cowgirl, blunt trauma and ‘rolling over’ fracture.

69 of the penile fracture cases were as a result of sex.

Findings from the study further revealed that 37 of these cases were caused by 'doggy style'

23 cases of the penile fractures were caused by missionary while cowgirl came in third causing nine penile fractures.

Severity of the fractures

Doggy style definitely reported more cases of penile fractures but there was no difference in severity of the fractures in comparison to 'man on top'.

Expert' take

“It’s important to have an awareness of which sex positions could potentially cause problems and you should go at them a bit easier - although in the heat of the moment, it can be hard to remember that," Relate's sex and relationships therapist Ammanda Major told Huffington Post UK.